A level is useful when you need to make things ‘levelled’ you know. As builders, we use levels multiple times in each project. From large home improvement projects like hanging dry wall to smaller home owner tasks like hanging the perfect picture.  Conventional levels – the ones with a spirit bubble – are good enough for simpler tasks where high accuracy is not a must. When you’re performing delicate tasks like fitting new sliding doors, or installing bathroom tiles, you need a laser level. They’re self-leveling and highly accurate. They don’t need to be moved across the room either as they work over a reasonable distance. Today, we’ll be looking for the best laser level for builders.

The Dewalt DW089K


The product is mostly found in the bazaar. It is found to be one of the best structures in its simplicity. Made for high level construction, it is faultless. Having a push switch operation system and a control panel that is not difficult for usage, making it able to suit both professionals and starters. It’s visible for the normal human eye to view. It’s a triple line laser makes it helpful to put sections of cabinets, studs or chair rails fast and smoothly. It does not need extreme tuning as the adjustment knob is known to be very precise. The issue with this tool is that it does not contain good magnets, although this default can be corrected by putting a separate magnet to it. This is good and we advice you to have a look at it. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages this device ha to offer to us. The advantage of this tool is that it is a multi-level line laser, it is accurate in its use, it is easy to use, has a good battery life and it is self-leveling. On to the disadvantages, it is a difficult task to keep it steady on metal surfaces and contains poor magnets.



DeWalt DW088LG

With no doubt, this is an uncomplicated product. Although it doesn’t come with great features, it makes use green lasers rather than red. Allowing it to be viewed from a long distance, doesn’t matter the place someone is doing his or her work from. The problem that comes about with this green lighting it’s that the battery life doesn’t stay long compared to the red one. Even if the battery is said to be weak it can be charged. Therefore, gives you a task that you should be charging it often and the level will do its job for eight to fourteen hours. Let us dive to its advantages and disadvantages of this equipment. Taking a look at the advantages, it’s has an independent-level meaning someone does not have to worry about leveling it yourself. Has a rechargeable battery. It has with it a long-distance visibility. It has a perfect resistance to dirt particles. Disadvantage of this tool is that it’s not cheap, has a poor battery support and it’s not resistant to water.



Topcon RL-H4C

Searching for a tool that will make your work simple and very accurate, this is the device for you to choose. Known to be very accurate it can also take the measurements over a long span. It’s best according to long distant measurements. Having a detector on it, it is able to measure or go two thousand six hundred feet. It is truly perfect for any type of task be it small or large scale. Taking readings from it is also an easy job to do because it comes with different LCD displays which are good and visible. On top of that it as a perfect battery life. It is good to take note that even when you use it for a long period of time one can get a long period of time from use. The issue that comes with this device is that it is I not able to low temperatures. Diving into its benefits, it is accurate in its use, has a good battery life, it’s not difficult to read its LCD display, has a big range, resistant to dust particles, its water resistant and independent-leveling. The disadvantage is it doesn’t have good performance when it comes to low temperature places.



The Bosch GLL 55

This is a feather weight laser leveler that makes it easy to be carried around. Furthermore, it is very durable and dependable, a good device for the professionals and beginners. It is also now to resist dust particles but it is affected by water. It comes with a range of one hundred and sixty-five if it is used by a detector. This device is a quick self-leveling laser. Going into its disadvantages it is independent leveling, its dust resistant and contains a magnetic mount. Looking into its disadvantages it has a small range and a poor water-resistant level.



The Pacific Laser System PLS-60588

It has a good range having with it a detector, going up to a good two hundred. It is able to be mounted to metal wall brackets or the floor stand. The issue that comes along with this type is that it lucks a good range if not used with a detector. It goes to a maximum of fifty alone, which is just good for small tasks but not big tasks. Looking into its advantage, floor stand with magnetic wall bracket is applicable, it is independent leveling, has a good range with a detector. Jumping into it disadvantage it has a poor range with the lack of a detector.





In Summary

Choosing a good laser for you totally depends on what you want to achieve in the end. It is also dependent on what task you are planning to do. With the above mentioned and discussed tools, this should now be an easy task for you. This are good types of lasers compared to the standard ones we know of. We hope we were able to give you an understanding of these devices and make the right and preferred choice.