Since its official commissioning in 1924, Milwaukee has been one of the power tools producer’s giant. It is therefore not by surprise that it has become a number one preferred option for most professional contractors, hobbyists, homeowners and many more. Milwaukee’s product has this genius touch which brands works of construction despite being hefty and tiresome jobs look and feel at ease and relaxed. One of the most popular Milwaukee’s tools is their impact drills and power cordless drill. These duo works hand in hand in doing construction works.

In their quest to outsmart other brands in the market, Milwaukee’s drills are in this day and age cordless giving a hard blow to their corded competitors. This cordless drills provide a powerful, flexible and efficient tool making your job done. Milwaukee has produced several types of drills which makes it quite difficult for customers to settle for one which fits their job. In this review, we are going to analyse some of Milwaukee’s best cordless drills in the market and break down their specs for you.

Milwaukee’s drills are categorised generally in two categories namely Milwaukee M12s and Milwaukee M18s.One of the major difference between the M12 and M18 series of tools is the battery with M12s having a 12V lithium-ion batteries and M18 having 18V lithium-ions batteries.

Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 Drill – the best Milwaukee drill overall


This 2462-20 happens to be one of the over sixty tools in the M12 series of power tool assemblies. The drill is cordless hence it is efficient in terms of overheating and weight. This drill has some two 12V lithium-ion batteries with each taking about half an hour to be fully charged. This drill also comes with the latest technology of Milwaukee Impact Mechanism that is specially designed to improve the drills speed. The 12V batteries produces enough power to get your task complete without much struggle and finally, in comparison to other drills in this series, this 2462-20 M12 is pocket friendly.

Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 – best for beginners


Just like every Milwaukee tools, 2401-22 is manufactured with great precision and quality. One notable feature about the drill is that it is prepared for jobs which require application of up to standard torque. This include jobs like fastening small screws of about 3- inches. The drill can fasten about sixty screws in a single battery charge. It is a recommended driver for small jobs which require regular adjustments of clutch with high precisions. If you want to fasten a big number of screws, then 2401-22 driver should be in your list.

Milwaukee 2453-22 M12 – Most versatile Milwaukee drill


It is among the lightest tool in the M12 series of products weighing nearly 1/2 of the other drills. Its lightweight however does not make it any inferior in terms of performance as it is the finest drill for carpenters, woodwork and plumbing jobs. Its lesser size makes it even more portable and good for stubborn nails and working in difficult angles. For any professional carpenter and plumber, it is a drill that you cannot afford to miss in your tools kit.



Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 – for everyday use


If you are looking for power, torque, speed and a comfortable drill, then 2753-29 M18 should be part of your considerations. This drill is impressively featherweight and this renders it easy to manoeuvre in difficult working environments. The drill is designed with a phenomenal ergonomic handle which fits perfectly in your hands. This makes it ideal for people who work for long hours especially in the motorized industry and other home applications. This M18 series also comes with the exclusive Relink Technology which coordinates operations between the cordless drill and its other parts such as the trigger and clutch to ensure they work in harmony and thus the performance of the tool is remarkable. Like all the other Milwaukee tools,2753-20 M18 is designed with a fuel gauge on the batteries which shows how full or empty the battery is charged.

Milwaukee 2656-20 M18


It is a quarter hex impact drill which is arguably the best in the M18 driver series. The cordless driver comes with some two 18V lithium-ion batteries which provides enough power for almost any job to be complete. These batteries also take an incredibly short time of about 30 minutes to get fully charged hence making it a reliable drill. The driver has also been customised to drill various types of drill bits through a wide range of surfaces. This drill provides a breath-taking 1,500 inch-pound torque making it a powerful tool for hard drilling. Moreover, the cordless driver is powered by a 4-pole frameless motor which is known to be Milwaukee’s brand. This cordless motor adds to its durability and greater output.

Like all M18 series of tools,2656-20 comes with Milwaukee’s exclusive Redlink Intelligence Technology for coordination between the tool parts minimising overloading and power loss. The drill also comes with an alluring warrant of 5 years to confirm its confidence win superiority. This cordless drill is perfect for fastening lag bolts and provides an impressive job in woodworks. This is in addition to handling some basic tasks like mounting television dishes. All this features leaves us with no doubt that this tool which is designed and distributed as a pro-grade drill by far the best. With such great specs come great value hence explaining its higher market price


It is evident that Milwaukee as a brand has strived to bring forth competitive a high quality cordless drills to fit every kind of job you need done ranging from small screws fixing to porcelain tiles drilling. The above qualities explain why Milwaukee remains a dominant force in the market. All in all, I can confidently say that if you are looking for an all-round drill which can handle any job and deliver it in great speed and offer you some comfort in terms of handling the tool, then Milwaukee 2656-20 M18 is the way to go. Finally, it is our hope that from this analysis you will be able to come up with an informed decision on which Milwaukee tool to purchase for your job.