Single or Double Bevel Miter Saws: Will you be making cuts one way or either way?

You’ve already decided that you need a miter saw, the size that it will be in and that it will be a sliding one. That’s great. However, what kind of bevels(cuts) will it be making? Drop saws exist as equipment that are dedicated to help you slice at distinct inclinations, they come in two types the single or double drop saw. As popular by its use of making bevel carves the two, show disparity in a few ways. In this review, we will compare single bevel vs double bevel miter saws and you will see which one is best to suit your requirements.

PRO TIP: You can still use a single bevel saw as a dual one with practice

 Bevel Definition

The carves made on lumber can be divided into 4 distinct types where they can be cross cut, bevel, compound or miter. Likeness of bevel and miter can be jumbled moments even though they are rightly disparate.

By description, bevel can be seen as parallel or up right inclination slope considered at forty five degree inclination, it is then constituting a bevel cut will ensure a cut at inclination barring ninety degrees and are typically gauged against a square border carve, also done along the broadness of the medium being worked on.

To undertake bevel slices you will require a specialized implement that you can fine-tune the slice razors to work on the sides of the material.

What is A Single Bevel?

After knowing what is a bevel is and how it is made let us focus on the equipment that is used to impact the outcome. The single bevel saw solely makes carves in solitary direction either to the right or to the left, it will then require when making carves inverse side of the board it will require you to turn it over to saw.

What Is a Double Bevel Miter Saw?

In this the definition simply put is the ability for the saw to cut in duo directions, through maneuvering of the razor in both directions. It means that rather than change position of the lumber you just alter the razors.

The dissimilarity

Before touching on the contrast of the two items it is worth mentioning how they match up on similitude in certain aspects. An example, is that both function to provide miter and bevel carves and employ circular rotating razors to effect.

Distinctions become perceptible when registering inclined cuts, where the single drop saw can at best make carves to the right or left whereas a duo compound dropsaw can make inclined carves in either way.

Another dissimilar note, is the pricing of the two equipment, with the double miter more costly than its counterpart single bevel miter with a price value deviation being very small it may be a non issue for some.


Pros And Cons

Here we will point out some of the satisfaction and demerits of the two tools. Let us start with the

Single Bevel Saw


  • User friendly as it is simple to use, a true companion even to novices as collated to the duo bevel because it is single operational.
  • Can be employed for DIY home use and executive jobs
  • Rather affordable option, with prices coming in at less than 100 dollars for small varieties in the category


  • They lack that exquisite touch to offer precise and exact beveled carves on double sides, since you have to turn over the timber to achieve cuts.


Dual Bevel Saw


  • It offers exact and faultless slices on binate directions making sure the end results are premium.
  • It saves on time and energy due to its characteristic design and purpose, allowing to cut lumber or subsequent material much quicker.
  • On issuing angled carves there is no requirement reset your plank or material to make carves on the alternate sides, all you require is to make adjustments to the razors.


  • The drawback, of double bevel saws is that they are pricy contrasts to single bevel miter saws. Also, single bevel saws register similar carves as their opposite number only needing a bit more input and human accuracy.

Single Bevel Saw, Who Is It For?

It will be quite applicable in making inclined, bevel or miter cuts for uses in framing patterns. The pivoting province allows bevel carves on either direction.

They are largely popular in sizeable jobs, since they are adapted for such kind of tasks meaning it is a go to choice for novices and DIYs.

The fair price on the equipment also means that home users and small scale workers make it a choice for their garages and workshops.


Double Bevel Saw, Who Is it For?

We can say that this equipment is for executive workers on larger scale jobs, which require efficiency and swiftness. This is made possible by the configuration make of the saw, which is composite for carving jobs, since they increase the surface area of slicing making it effortless. It may be difficult for use for novices who may require more exposure to the working of the tool but is definitely a choice for executives who work on tight schedules.

Best Double Bevel Miter Saw

Dewalt DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Miter Saw


This is a very good and premium double bevel dropsaw as it is multifaceted and highly capable. It guarantees angled curves of ninety degrees on 16 “planks which is really splendid.

A characteristic glaring LED lighting on the X PS system emits a shadow on the razor in effect for miter carves. It aids in tracing the correct point where the razor is carving. Presence of 10 positive halts help in procedure of registering replicate inclined cuts. Available too is a fence that gives you the comfort to view through it steadily, giving you an edge to see when carving. It is a rather heavy saw at 56lbs and is certainly more geared towards bigger jobs.


Both items are great for your lumber cutting jobs, with the single bevel drop saw more accustomed to small jobs and novice use while the double dropsaw comes in at a shred of a price more and finds its place in executive settings more often than not. It will be up to the buyer to settle on what they feel most appealing for their task.