Small lawn mowers: Finding the best lawn mower for small yards

When in need to clear grasses or short shrubs there is need for quality tools to get it done. Lawn trimmers are great machines to do this exact job with an array available to get garden work done and leaving it clean and beautiful. Some of the mowers are pusher reel trimmers which require human effort to pusher and the razors at the bottom work to slice the grass, the other type are motor powered lawn mowers which operate by motor to get the job done. Below will be a appraisal of some small lawn mowers that will come in handy in your next lawn cutting duties.

PushReel Mowers

American Lawn Mower Push Reel Mower


This is a lawn trimmer with a classic feel to it made available by the American corporation, and has been improved over the years to current standards to provide quality results. The mower has four inch rotary razors that are able to chop grass that hasn’t overgrown but needs the right trimming. The design of the mower is made of light steel alloy allowing for portability and easy use, with blade widths of fourteen (14) inches and the wheels are suitable for use in grass environments. The handle is lengthy enough to allow the user to use it without bending which may cause fatigue during cutting. On the downside though the equipment is not a very popular choice when wanting to get overgrown grass cut or when dealing with a large area it can prove ineffective.

Earthwise 7 Blade Push Reel Mower


It is an item made available by the American Lawn Mower corporation and it prides itself in being able to slice bent grass and other unique grass varieties. The extra blades on the trimmer allow for this fit, with a width of sixteen (16) inches and its lightweight frame allows for movability and can reach hard to reach areas. The stem handle is forty seven (47) inches in length and it branches out in two to allow for both hand grip making it essential in cutting grass from lengths of 0.5 to 2.5 inches. The slight problem with this tool though is that the revealed blades can be a danger to kids playing around unless they are covered.

Fiskars 17 inch Stay sharp Push Reel Lawn


A decent mower that has a unique quality as compared to the others in this category, as it comes with a plastic cover base for the blades, which solves the issue of protection and safety as compared to the others touched on. The mower drifts over grass effortlessly, with its 4 wheels the frontpart being larger and the back smaller providing steadiness while in use. The range of grass cut by the equipment is of lengths 1.5 to 3.5 inches, proving it can handle a notable range with its seventeen (17) inch width blades doing the job. Razors are made in a way that they do not engage with each other while they slice ensuring longevity of the tool by reducing friction. The only detriment on this item is that the cover at the bottom proves a hindrance when trying to reach small tight areas.

Power Lawn Mowers

Greenworks 16-inch 10 Amp Corded Lawn Mower


The mower is run by a 10 amp motor which powers it to work, with 16 inch width cutting blades making slicing of several grass lengths an easy task. It comes with a handy bag at the back to help in collection of cut material as you progress with work. The holds fold over on the base and this aids in storing the equipment together with the fact that it can be recharged for use also helps in ensuring no cords are on the way for safety concerns.
The negative is that the item is much bulkier than small sized mowers and it can be be troublesome for some to operate.

Cordless 36 Volt Black and Decker 19 inch Electric Lawn Mower


A powerful machine that comes with a 19 inch width cut razors. A rechargeable battery is an attractive feature on the mower as they can be replaced or recharged for use a good aspect when negating fume emissions, the trimming height can be adjusted accordingly to allow for desired results. It comes with a back end bag to catch debris when being operated.

The downside is that it is not able to reach tight corners when cutting.

Sun Joe 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower


The Sun Joe is a corded mower that comes with a 12 amp motor that powers the 14 inch blades that can have height settings maneuvered to cut small and mid sized lawns with exquisite results. The rear compartments have the ability to catch grass debris, to ensure a clean environment when cutting and when slicing long grass the discharge funnel removes the grass out the back to avoid obstruction to the blades.

The downfall, the power cord can cause a hindrance and be sniped by the blades beneath so one has to be careful when operating the machine also the motor may frustrate on uneven ground.


As seen there is a selection between pusher reel and powered motor mowers, with each coming with their merits and demerits. The pusher reel mowers are mostly used for small lawns and are dependant on human effort but not very effective  in large fields, while the motored ones can work for large lawns and longer times but require high maintenance by getting fuel, getting cords and batteries. All things considered, it is up to the buyer to identify what they need to get there grass lawns done, another factor which affects choice is price with the need to plan with a budget in mind. In perspective view all of the mowers that have been reviewed here are top calibre and can get the best results required it is now up to the consumer to identify what they need and go for the purchase.