These routers are necessary for cutting exquisite and thin wood pieces as those big tools aren’t designed to do this. It is designed to perform functions such as sloping edges, cutting tenons and jointing and making edges round, cutting mortises. Carpenters also make grooves and make cuts on dados using these routers. Making a choice on a router that is pocket friendly is hectic especially for people who are not experienced in this field. You might also be a fan of decorating homes and improving it time and again. Let me take you through several factors to consider when purchasing a good router and some few examples.


Bosch PR20EVSPK 5.6 Amp Router – the best corded trim router


The area for holding is contoured to provide comfort during use. It has a two-speeding variation and HP motor to power the router as you work. It has a clamp system which moves the motor with ease. The base which is aluminum made is fixed to ensure longevity and accuracy.  The cord is designed such that it does not cause distractions as you work. This piece is lightweight compared to similar products and is easily fit on the user’s hands. It has a system which enables you to install and re install the wrenches by moving its lock and has a straightened edge which improves accuracy. Its disadvantage is that it is too expensive.


 Dealt Router (DW616) with a fixed base


This device has a motor which powers at 11-amp and is designed to even rout on hard woods and tough materials with ease. Its ring adjusts length hence giving accurate measurements. Its steer motor cam can adjust the base quickly and steadily. Motor also releases the latches fast to ease its removal. Its base is made of aluminum to make it light. The gauge ensures precision in the measurements taken. The grip is rubbered to provide comfort to the user during use, its base made of polycarbonate which is transparent to ensure it lasts. Its switch is placed sideways for quick location. The switch is made dust proof. Quality is guaranteed as its warranty runs up to 3 years and free service for a year. The router however does not have speed variation.




The device comes with a 4.5amp motor which produces 31000RPM. It has a base made of aluminum cast and provides accurate measurements and is easily portable. Its locking clips are bigger hence allowing space for adjustments and faster motor release. The ring makes it easy to take precise readings. Its base is made transparent and a light at its head which eases vision on the surface you are working on. The micro-set collar which eases adjusting the tool. It does not have speed variation and is not the best tool to use on delicate wood pieces.

Bosch Router GKF125CEN


Its speed is variable and has a dial on its top. The motor is a 1.25amp power with speeds of 35000RPM which can be set according to the material being trimmed. Its light illuminates the space you’re working on. On the ball joint there is a swivel which holds the cord in position to prevent entanglement during work. Its flattened on the top and contoured in the middle for ease during handling. It is sold together with a wrench which is self-releasing to ease installation. The tool however overheats and its vibrations are too much.


R2401 Laminate Router which is rigid


Its base is rounded and squared which eases its use and adaptability. The dial on top of the tool makes it accessible and adjustable to enable accurate speed and depth control. It is flattened on top enabling it to be set bottom up to ease changing bits. Its top has over mold to prevent spoiling the surface you are working on. The base and motor can easily be detached using a lever. You can create inlays easily using this router or even round edges. Its flat top is made transparent and the rears are rubbered to make it manageable as you work. Quality check is on point due to its warranty of up to three years and servicing for a lifetime. This Rigid tool has a bad name for poor customer care as it takes forever for your tool to get service in case of a breakdown. It also overheats when used for extended periods. Making changes on bits is difficult as the base is not huge enough.


Industrial Router from Grizzly H7791


Need a tool that is pocket friendly and has two-speed variation with a fixed base, here it is. The dial on the top is easily accessible and switching is also accessible. Its handle is rubbered and over molded to provide comfort as you work. Its base is plunged and is removable for movement. The wrench and a fence which is visible improves its visibility. It has a knob for adjusting depths. The router produces quality outcomes. The router however come with its lighting and can be difficult to move around with as it doesn’t have a bag.


The Hot store Router


Questioning the reliability of trimmers? This one has been developed and is rugged on it base. Its strong enough to trim and rout as it has a motor. Its base is made transparent for ease of measurement taking with a scale that is understandable and clearly seen. The carbon brushes can easily be replaced in case they wear out or are lost. It’s easy to reach and operate switch comes in handy. Its handle is over mold to smoothen its texture. It’s sold with a guide to help you understand how it works, wrenches and a straightening. The tool is light weight but has questionable quality as it overheats after longer periods of trimming.


When’s a corded trim router appropriate?

Pick a plunged based router if you want one for shaping or rounding. It’s also lighter and is mostly for gentle cuts and making grooves. Fixed based router rounds bases. Innovations are still ongoing to conjoin the two routers. The powering is important depending on what function is to be performed and the speed. Controlling its speed is necessary.