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Home Depot, Inc. is an American distribution company for home equipment (DIY, gardening, etc.) headquartered in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The Home Depot is the world’s # 1 retail distributor of home improvement products. Products are marketed through a network of 2,287 stores (including 1,981 in the United States, 182 in Canada and 124 in Mexico).

Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank and Pat Farrah. The Home Depot company’s proposal was to have home equipment stores larger than any of their competitors. Investment banker Ken Langone helped Marcus and Blank obtain the necessary capital.

On June 21, 1979, the first two stores, built in space leased by J.C. Penney, opened in suburban Atlanta.

Electrical, plumbing, DIY and kitchen equipment.
Hardware, decoration, lighting and garden accessories.
Building materials and carpentry products.


Most tools at Home Depot are covered by their free return policy. Just like Costco, Home Depot has a wide selection of cordless tools from Kobalt – and their batteries at a fair price too. The branded products at Home Depot are durable too. They have tools from Harbor Freight stocked and for their price tag, you will see why pros think of Harbour Freight as a Hobbyist brand. They are currently running a clearance sale and you can get these items at a steal.

Cutting Tools

Have you ever tried to cut something without a saw? Perhaps you have with a hatchet or axe but cutting lumber down to size or a piece of metal pipe to length isn’t going to happen without an appropriate saw blade.

Crosscut Hand Saw, 15″

Although I’d prefer a longer hand saw (such as the Stanley 20-inch SharpTooth) to make cutting tasks faster, a small hand saw like this one will work just fine and fits nicely inside most any toolbox. In fact, most any crosscut hand saw will last for a long time if it’s well taken care of.

If you think you may do a lot of sawing post-disaster, then consider adding a second handsaw to your toolkit since they’re inexpensive. You could also learn how to sharpen the teeth properly; you’ll need a triangular file (not included in this kit) to do so… and a lot of patience.

Hacksaw (with extra blades)

Whereas a crosscut hand saw is great for cutting lumber, they’re useless for anything metal. A trusty hacksaw—with their very small and closely-spaced teeth—is great for cutting metal as well as some plastics. The blades can dull quickly, however, so be sure to have replacements.

Folding Pruning Saw, 10″

While the small hand saw mentioned previously will certainly work for most every situation that this folding saw would be useful for, it never hurts to have more cutting tools, particularly one that’s portable, easily wielded, and designed for cutting small tree branches. Such a tool could cut lumber if necessary, but their ultimate purpose is for gathering firewood.

Tin Snips

Think of tin snips as very heavy-duty scissors, capable of not only cutting thin sheet metal, but chicken wire, small nails or screws, and more. Alternatively, a pair of aviation snips could prove just as useful, if not more so, than a pair of tin snips. In any case, tin snips or aviation snips are like much stronger scissors and may prove useful to you in the right situation.

Moreover, I’d suggest that a pair of bolt cutters would work even better in some instances than either tin snips or aviation snips if you can get the head of the bolt cutters in place, which isn’t always easy considering how relatively bulky they are as compared to tin snips.

Utility Knife (with extra blades)

It’s a small knife with disposable blades, what else needs said?

Hand Drill, Bit Set

You might not think that you’ll ever need a hand drill or set of drill bits, especially when you could just nail most things together. That said, screws do hold better than nails over the long-term and can be used to draw pieces of wood together better than nails will, which makes these items potentially useful for some repair jobs.

Manual Hand Drill

You may find that it’s rather difficult to drive screws into wood that hasn’t been pre-drilled. Oftentimes, using screws without pre-drilling holes can easily split wood and ruin that piece of wood. Thus, if the power is out, you’re going to want to include a manual hand drill for this very reason. They’re not very fast and take some getting used to, but a hand drill will be indispensable for those times when nails just won’t do.

Drill Bit Set

I thought about including a few dozen loose drill bits which I don’t use instead of the small drill bit set shown here—and I may still do so—but I was thinking about including drill bit sizes which will work with the screws I included in this toolbox (shown later). With that in mind, this bit set is perfect for my purposes and protects the bits from being damaged or lost as well.

Screwdrivers, Bit Set, Allen Wrench Set, Star Key Set

The important part here is to have a relatively wide variety of bits to rely upon, hence, the inclusion of the bit set, item #34. After thinking about this some more, I really should purchase another, bigger Allen wrench set because the one I included here doesn’t have larger sizes that I may need.

Multi-Bit Screwdriver

If you have the room then consider including a full set of Philips- and flat-head screwdrivers, or you could just toss in a multi-bit screwdriver like I did. Originally, I was trying to save weight and conserve space, but that idea went out of the window a long time ago, lol.

Screwdriver Bit Set

A quality bit set extends the use of my multi-bit screwdriver immensely. Just be sure the bit set includes a variety of different bits not included with the multi-bit screwdriver and that they fit into the end of multi-bit screwdriver because sometimes they don’t.

Precision Screwdriver Set (optional)

Commonly known as “eyeglass screwdrivers,” this set is only useful for small electronic repairs. With that in mind, this set is optional. That said, if you ever actually need a very small screwdriver and don’t have it, well… don’t say I didn’t tell you to add them.

Allen Wrench Set

Occasionally, an Allen wrench will be necessary. And, while there are many different sizes you could include, a basic set like this one should cover most instances. If you really want to be thorough, you could include both a metric and standard Allen wrench set, but they’re usually close enough in size that you can make one fit the other with a little luck and ingenuity.

Star Key Set

I can’t even tell you the last time I had to use a star key for anything. As such, I wouldn’t worry too much about including a set.

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