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Providing the superior service, products and support consumers need to maintain and improve their homes, Lowe’s is a customer experience-driven home improvement retailer. We have more than 60 big box stores across the country, each carrying thousands of products from trusted, trusted brands. From hardware and appliances to seasonal products and decoration, we have everything you need to turn your renovation projects into reality.

ECO product program

Deployed in all of our participating corporate and affiliate stores of the Lowe’s, RONA and Réno-Dépôt brands, our ECO product program is designed to help Canadians reduce the environmental footprint of their renovation and construction projects. We have selected thousands of products using the most recognized lifecycle approach and environmental certifications and have clearly marked them with the ECO seal – both in store and on the web. We are determined to continue growing our ECO range over the next few years.

Wood products procurement policy

To preserve our forests, we are committed to offering wood products from sustainable forestry practices. In 2018, nearly 75% of the treated lumber, lumber and structural wood panels sold through Lowe’s Canada brands came from an FSC, SFI or PEFC certified forest. Our goal is simple: that by 2020, all the products we sell containing wood from regions at risk will be FSC certified, and that by 2025, all of the products containing wood that we offer come from a responsible source.

In the same vein, all the paper we use in our offices and to produce the flyers for our brands is FSC, SFI or PEFC certified.

Code of conduct for our suppliers

Providing consumers with products made in ethical and safe conditions is a priority for us. We do this by relying on our policies on human rights, and metals from conflict zones, as well as our Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out the requirements that all suppliers we do business with. comply. Numerous audits are also carried out each year to confirm that the practices of our business partners meet the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Product safety

The safety of our customers and their families is at the heart of our business decisions, which is why we work to offer them products that are safer for their health and for the environment. To this end, we act proactively and continuously collaborate with our suppliers to find innovative products and solutions that are always more responsible for your homes. We have also adopted a chemicals policy under which we are taking strategic action to ensure more responsible management of chemicals.

Partnerships for energy conservation

To help consumers reduce their energy consumption, we are partners in several provincial programs aimed at promoting energy-efficient solutions:

British Columbia: BC Hydro
Manitoba: Efficiency Manitoba
Ontario: Energy Savings Rebate Program
Quebec: Hydro-Quebec and Énergir

lowes near me

The hardware section at Lowes

Most of us came to learn of the tools department at Lowes after they started sticking tools from Craftsman. We like to think of Lowes as an opportunistic store. During the Christmas festivities when we’re most likely to be making renovations, they’ll be having products from all the popular brands. While you can order any product from their online store, you will most likely find tools from Kobalt at their physical shops.

Large tools are expensive to buy and maintain. Lowes has a workaround around this. They let you rent tools and equipment at a fraction of the cost. Does it make finical sense purchasing a stump grinder for that one stubborn stump? It doesn’t. Hand and power tools have everyday use and it may be worth investing in them.

Lowes has always had a soft spot for Kobalt hand tools. It looks like things are slowly changing. Their Craftsman tool selection is now larger than the Kobalt one. Lowes regularly runs clearance sales on their website. Their tool combo kits are heavily discounted during these sales. Aside from saving money by purchasing combo kits, it’s advantageous as they almost always have interchange batteries. Power tools typically run for 2 hours on a full charge and we love using batteries from other tools. Here’s what you find at the Lowes Hardware section.

Power Tools



There are different power tools at Lowes for different jobs, that require quality end results. Drills and drivers are available for driving drill bits to make holes in different materials, saws for neat cuts of wood or plastic, sanders and polishers to provide that all important finishing on wood material this work together with the woodworking tools available too. There is also the availability of rotary/oscillating tools that provide rotational force to enable grinding, sanding and polishing. The power tool accessory boxes also have different sizes of small accessories that can be used with the power tools available, for example changing the head of a drill by using a certain drill bit to suit the job being done or using a certain saw blade size to work on wood.

Air Compressors



The air compressors have become recently popular in workshops and factories, they come in different sizes and can be used in a variety of tasks. Air powered tools such as sander, staplers, spray guns, grinders and nail guns, all which are also available at Lowe, benefit from compressed air power. The air compressors have also been made portable and can easily be moved and used at different locations whenever required. There is a variety to choose from between electric air compressors, gas air compressors, oil- free compressors with different sizes fit for shop use or industrial use.






Lowe’s offers a range of different sized ladders that come in handy for jobs that require them. The ladders are effective in roof work, painting jobs and nailing jobs or even clearing and setting of roof gutters. The ladders may come with extra accessories such as platforms to set them as one prepares for work. The ladder material maybe fiber glass which is popular in construction purposes and around electrical surrounds or aluminum material ladders which are more light and have ease of movability but not one to be used near electrical settings. The types of ladders also range from step ladders, multi position ladders, extension ladders, telescoping extension ladders, scaffolding each with its own purpose and use depending on what the consumer prefers.

Safety Equipment and Work Clothes/ Footwear



In any job that uses tools be it at home or in the professional industry there is need for safety to avoid injuries, especially in the professional industry there are different rules and guidelines that govern safety for workers to protect them. Lowe’s have made available leather gloves with strong synthetic stitching, safety masks especially in the Corona Virus Pandemic, impact googles, hard helmets to be used in different projects or work. There is also availability of safety boots to protect the feet from injury while working and paint overalls for painting jobs to prevent paint from splashing on normal clothes.

Tool Storage Solutions





There is an variety of organization systems and many tool storage units that provide different storage solutions for users in small space workshops or large space settings. Tool set cabinets and cabinet workbench combos are made available to ensure storage of tools or materials that are being made use in that space. Tools carts are also available to aid in portability of tools from one point to another, not forgetting truck tool boxes to aid in storing of much larger tools. Tool backpacks and boxes have been made available also at Lowe’s to ensure hand held viability when working and moving around.

Levels and Measuring Tools



To realize the quality of any work it is important to do measurements so as to get precise values for any job to take place or continue that is why Lowe’s has made ready and available tape measures, depth metal and wood stud finders, green beam self-leveling cross line laser, lock tape measures, measuring wheels and many other measuring equipment to get the precision in your work.



It is evident that Lowe’s provides quality tools for the professional industry and home use by bringing the best tools from different brands. The tools categories ranging from tool storage/work benches, power tools, sanders and polishers, saws, shop vacuums, rotary tools, level/ measuring tools, air tools and compressors, hand tools and work wear/ safety gear have their own advantages in making work easy and effective. The brands have strived to bring forth competitive and high quality tools for every kind of job you need done. The above qualities explain why Lowe’s is a good retailer in the market. It is easy for one to confidently say that if they are looking for the best tools Lowe’s has got the best. Finally, it is with hope that from this review you will be able to come up with an informed decision on which work tools to purchase for the next job.